Thursday, April 19, 2012

RAW Beauty RAW Organics!!!

There is nothing like the power of RAW beauty.  We see it all around us.  The crash of a wave, the intricate but delicate beauty of a lily, a wicked storm off in the distance, sand dunes, and the big eyed gaze of a fluffy kitten.  Take a look around the raw power of beauty is all around you.
That is why we continue to share organic brands, educating and featuring a RAW, healthy lifestyle.  PangeaOrganics is dead set on using organic, raw materials, botanical restorative ingredients promoting hydration, restoration with ultimate beauty benefits.
We will be featuring these various products from Pangea on our upcoming shoot for model use.  The most important part of your daily routine is a skincare regimen.  A great way for you to discover Pangea is the Skincare Discovery Kit.  With so many products on the market and so many different serums, scrubs, rubs and washes this kit provides you with everything you need to start. 
We love the smell and fresh faced feel of the Facial Scrub.  Light essence of Egyptian Geranium infused with Cranberry.  Mmmm
The mandarin and lime facial toner is wonderful and definitely has the wake-up factor.  A few spritzs of this mist and you will be ready, awake and refreshed.  Take it with you on the beach, keep it in your tote, and stay hydrated in the Summer sun.  Another product to slip in your beauty bag is the lip balm.  Comes in some wonderful flavors with all kinds of protection benefits.  I have them everywhere, my car, tote and makeup bag!!!
and the body oil is a great product to put on before bed, saturating yourself in hydration and dreaming of fields of lavender!!! 

It's Earth Month, and Pangea is offering 20% OFF everything at, plus they are giving one lucky winner a ONE-YEAR SUPPLY ($1,662 value!) of certified organic body, skin and lip care.  Enter for your chance to win here.

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*Glam Chameleon* said...

Oh I would certainly like to try those products!!

RAW Fashion Magazine said...

Definitely check out the contest!!! These products are amazing xx

Joelyne TheSydneyGirl said...

LOVE organics... thanks for sharing!


The Sydney Girl


Epicare said...

Love it! I would definitely try the facial toner. I can't hardly wait.Thank you so much for sharing. Keep them coming.Oh!speaking of skin care...In case you would want some info on how to get rid of facial hair naturally at home, please feel free to visit our site