Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Romantic Valentine at Roberto Cavalli's Caffe Giacosa

Who wouldn’t love to nestled in the lovely CaffĂ© Giacosa by Roberto Cavalli, enjoying the snow covered cobble-stoned streets of Firenze.  Surrounded by wine and spirits, pastries and chocolate this gorgeous caffe would be a great gift for Valentine’s Day!!! 
If you don’t happen to be in this historic fairyland this season, you can still purchase Roberto Cavalli wine and many more regional favorites from Sherbrooke Cellars.  Hope you all have a wonderful, magical and romantic Valentine’s Day!!! 


Lauren said...

Wow looks like some amazing cakes there!
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Ash Louise said...

Looks fantastic! I wish I could visit there. It looks so beautiful. I wish I could visit here for Valentines day :)